Pipe Dreams (Brooklyn Bruisers, #3) Abhinaya Laro

Writer: Sarina Bowen | Number of Pages: 157
Date: 02-05-2017 | ISBN: -

TitlePipe Dreams (Brooklyn Bruisers, #3)
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Total page157
WriterSarina Bowen
Pipe Dreams (Brooklyn Bruisers, #3) A goalie has to trust his instincts, even when taking a shot to the heart…Mike Beacon is a champion at defending the net, but off the ice, he’s not so lucky. A widower and a single father, he’s never forgotten Lauren Williams, the ex who gave him the best year of his life. When Lauren reappears in the Bruisers office during the playoffs, Beacon sees his chance to make things right.Lauren hates that she’s forced to travel with the team she used to work for and the man who broke her heart. There’s still undeniable sexual tension running between her and Mike, but she won’t go down that road again. She’s focused on her plans for the future—she doesn’t need a man to make her dreams of motherhood come true.Lauren plays her best defensive game, but she’s no match for the dark-…British Social, Fanny and, The Penrose, Awakened (The, Her Dragon, I Can't, Snow White, Father of, Ben is, About Children, The Last, Quick Reference, The Handbook, MONEY Master, Back Off!, The Devil's, Hiccup Snickup, Systemic Functional, That Place, Under a, Power Play, Love and, A House, Encyclopedia of, Bruno: Some, Goldilocks Returns, Take Control, Stories of, The Invention
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